Wedding Crasher!

With permission, of course!

On Saturday morning, we had an appointment to meet with the band’s manager. He answered our questions and was very helpful. We then asked about seeing the band perform live. He said that the band was playing a wedding that same evening. As long as we showed up after 9PM and in wedding attire, it would be fine to “crash” the wedding and watch them perform.

Since my fiance & I already had plans to go out to dinner to Opera with one of our groomsmen and his wife, we invited them along. They weren’t up for wedding crashing so we left them around 10ish to head downtown to the Chicago Symphony Center.

Walking into a wedding where you don’t know a single person is a little arkward! After making eye contact twice with the bride, I was sure she was going to call us out! I guess she — and everyone else — was oblivious to our presence since no one approached us all evening.

When the band leader saw us, he said that it would be ok for us to get a drink and pull up a seat to watch them perform. Well, there were plenty of seats since everyone was either dancing or up at the bar!

Since the wedding was a similar size to ours, we really were able to get a feel for the atmosphere that we hope to recreate on our wedding day. It is just not the same to hear the band perform songs via the web even if they have youtube videos! If you are considering a band, I would highly recommend seeing the band perform live. Besides, wedding crashing is fun!

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