Engagement Pics: Timeline & Reviews

Who knew that taking engagement pictures would be so romantic? [:$] At first, it was a little odd for us to be kissing and embracing in front of someone…but soon, we felt like pros. Ending the evening with a romantic dinner was the perfect plan!

As our budget has ballooned, we considered cutting this from the budget. We’re so glad that we didn’t. My fiance and I agreed that we feel so much more comfortable taking direction and that we know our photographer, Sally, so much better. We love Sally!

After checking the weather daily, I was comfortable with the 10% chance of showers. Yeah, it ended up raining. I was a little frustrated but glad that I made my FI buy a giant umbrella earlier in the week. [um] Sally offered to reschedule. We decided to stick with the original appointment because, due to our crazy schedules, it would be another three weeks before we could meet. I’m glad that we did because I was cold! 50 degrees gives me goosebumps. I can only imagine the weather in mid-November. Besides, I had already spent close to $100 to make me pretty!

Engagement Pictures Timeline

9AM: Breakfast and shower
10AM: Fret about the rain
11AM: Airbrush tan and blow-out
11:50: Cover myself up hoping that the rain doesn’t streak me
Noon: Make-up application
12:45PM: Head home
1:PM: Consider rescheduling because of the rain
1:05PM: Suck it up and get dressed
1:30PM: Get a manicure
2PM: Meet photographer and take photos on the el
2:15PM: Rain stops. Hurrah!
2:30PM: Take photos at the office building where we met
3PM: Take photos at Starbucks
3:30PM: Take photos at the Art Institute gardens
5PM: Drinks at Francesco’s Forno and dinner at Cafe Absinthe to celebrate


Blo Salon- I would highly recommend Blo. When I came in for my appointments, I told them that I was getting photographed for my engagement pictures. They were very willing to accomadate me. For $20, you can get a fabulous blow out. I loved it. The stylist recommended a “polished” look so that it would photograph well. After my hair was washed, I got airbrushed. Normally, I just go get a tanning cocktail. It is twice as expensive ($45) but it looks better and I don’t have to worry about cancer.

Endo Exo- Dana is fabulous. My make-up looked fantastic. In fact, I didn’t want to take it off at the end of the night knowing that I would not be able to replicate her work. (I love make-up but I can only do a basic work face.) The store carries high end quality products that they use on your face! For $30, I would definitely go back. Endo also does bridal make-up but in the store only. If you were hoping to save some dough on your wedding, I would recommend Endo.

Asia Nails- There was a scheduling mix-up so I ended up here at the last minute. It was a basic nail job. It hasn’t been 24 hours yet but no chipping. I wish that she would have shaped my nails a little bit better but I don’t feel that I can complain since it was $12.

Sally said that our pictures will be ready on Friday. Since we’ll be out of town, I won’t get them until Sunday. (Yes, I am so making my FI stop straight from the airport.)

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