Event Review: Chicago Social Brides Event

Chicago Social Brides is a magazine published by Modern Luxury. It’s a fantatic free publication aimed at readers with high end tastes. This past Sunday, they hosted an event, “An Afternoon of Bridal Luxury“. Arriving a little past noon, I checked in for the event.

The walk took place in about 20 stores on Oak Street from Michigan Ave. to Rush St. It was so much fun! Spiagga kicked off the event by hosting a mini reception. There were about six different designed tables as well as a ton of food and champagne. It is a great venue for a rehearsal dinner or a shower.

There was so much food! I must have tasted at least 10 different types of chocolates, cakes, and sweets. Almost every venue had complimentary champagne. By the end, I just needed water after carrying around loads of free goodies.

Did I say free goodies? Why yes, I did!

At the beginning of the walk, we were given this really cute white and black bag to put in items from each stop. Well, I don’t know what they were thinking– by the time I got hom, I had multiple bags worth of goodies. Check out the swag below–


Worst Gift– Tacky, Not Luxury… a faux crystal candelabra

Best Gift– Pratessi hand towels! I will totally be putting these out in our bathroom. They’re lovely.

My favorites of the day:

  • Kate Spade — fantastic shoes, stationary, and home furnishings for every bride-to-be to consider
  • Pratesi — lovely home goods including towels, robes, etc. Customer Service was impeccable
  • Amy Beck Designs — great tasting cake with couture design. She is the next big cake designer in Chicago.

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