Found my Dress!

200 dresses
18 bridal salons
6 friends
5 months
1 Filene’s Basement Sale


3rd Place– Unexpected neckline. Mermaid silhouette, princess seams, embellished.

2nd Place
Richard Glasgow.
Mermaid silhouette, princess seams, embellished, sweetheart neckline.

And then…
We almost didn’t try it on. It didn’t meet any of the requirements I had for my dream dress. It was already 3PM. We were exhausted. My MOH slash best friend of 19 years said, “um no. That is way too much dress for her. Well… why not? Let’s keep an open mind.” Thank goodness we listened to Nichole.
I put it on and my mouth opened to a little ‘o’. My head tilted, my eyes lit up, and I turned to Nichole and Liz, “I think… I think I LIKE IT.”
We went downstairs to the “big” mirror. My eyes welled up. So did Nichole. So did Liz. The deal was sealed.

I’ve been looking for nothing but mermaid and fitted dresses. I vaguely remember saying “no spaghetti straps”. I didn’t want to look as much like a bride as more of a glamorous movie star.

But it was the first and only dress that made me smile uncontrollably. And cry a little.
I am so excited!!

3 thoughts on “Found my Dress!

  1. Jacey says:

    OMG Misse! It is beautiful! Definitely the most flattering we have seen on you so far – it makes your waist look TINY. There\’s a reason they always say that you don\’t end up with what you think you want. I looked at only mermaid for months and ended up with something else too.


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