Interior Design for a Ballroom

What do you think about these designs?

For the swatch board, the top left 3 are the proposed colors of the draperies. The blue will be on the outside and the goldish tones will be on the inside.

The top right wood colored is to be restored to the color to a true walnut.

The two carpet swatches and the sample diagram demonstrates what the carpet will look like. The blue/chocolate brown swatch will be where the blue is on the diagram. The other swatch will be the on the beige portion of the diagram.

The chair is the proposed chair for right now. The color is to the right, although that is not definite yet.

Below are pictures of how the venue looks now:

A great room shot

The drapes that are being replaced.

The ceiling will stay the exact same.

The current carpet. I love it! When photographed in black and white, it looks very old school.

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