My Little Secret

I bought a dress. But it is not a wedding dress. It is a second dress without having ever bought a first dress.

Only a bride to be would understand.

I have always dreamed of getting married of having a getaway dress like in the movies. While it doesn’t really fit with the plan of our day (we are having an after party at the same hotel as the reception), I couldn’t resist.

Of course, the purchase wasn’t planned. I went to Dame Couture after hearing about a sample sale. Determined to find a deal for my dress, I got there within ten minutes of the store opening. After being greeted and handed a delicous mimosa, I checked out the merchandise. Dame Couture focuses in vintage inspired wedding dresses.

Ellen ~ Classic 50s style dress

Jackie ~ Sassy 60s inspired dress but with a more modern cut

Lucy Leaf ~ Classic wedding dress

While none of the dresses were EXACTLY what I wanted, there was one that I absolutely loved. I tried it on and thought, “I have to have this dress!”

The dress is 100% duponi silk with a built in bustier.

It’s really hard to take pictures of yourself in a mirror!

I love the back of the train. It would be my something blue!

I always said that I wouldn’t change at the reception into a second dress. It’s silly to have a second dress. But what else am I going to wear this dress?


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