Planning for Engagement Pictures

As much as I wanted engagement pictures, we waited to add them to our package until we had a better sense of our budget. (I was really worried about going over budget!) Luckily, we can afford them. I’m thrilled because I think the pictures will be a great practice for the wedding day.

The engagement sessions package with our photographer includes a guest book for us to use at the wedding. As with our wedding photos, we will have full rights to them.

Here are some of my favorite engagement pics:

Knottie AlmostMrsGraf and her DH look so in love in this picture!

This is such a romantic picture! And I love black and white!

I love the couple silhouettes are so dark and how it contrasts with the urban landscape.

Another great city shot! I would prefer to have a non-kissing photo though.

Knottie ChiMonique looks adorable with her FI in this picture. I love it!

Really great photo but it won’t work for us. I hate dirt, sand, water, etc. I know– I’m prissy!

Planning for the pictures was a lot more work than I had expected. Here are the steps that need to be done:

  1. Set the date. This Sunday!
  2. Check out the weather. It is supposed to be in the mid-60s and partly cloudy. 20% chance of rain. Fingers are crossed.
  3. Choose locations with photographer. Our photographer suggested Grant Park. We are also going to some places that are meaningful to us as a couple: 175 W. Jackson, Starbucks, & the el.
  4. Choose/ buy attire. Neither me or my FI are the type to wear jeans. We are debating between wearing business casual attire or something a little more dressy. We’ve considered getting really dressed up but we don’t want to look stuffy.
  5. Practice beforehand. The things that I make my poor FI do! I want to make sure that he is really comfortable in front the camera.
  6. Schedule a make-up artist. I am using a gift certifcate that I have for a free make-up session at Endo Exo.
  7. Schedule a blow out. I’m hoping to find somewhere cheap. Suggestions?
  8. Get a manicure and pedicue. Cute nails are a must for photos that are going to be on display at our wedding!
  9. Lose 3lb. I know it is only 3 lb but I will feel so much better about myself if I am in my happy weight range.
  10. Buy an umbrella. Even if it doesn’t rain, an umbrella can be a great prop. I am hoping to find one with polka dots!

Am I forgetting anything???

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