Wedding of Nicole & John

My friends, Nicole and Jon were married this summer at the Nature Museum. The wedding was lovely. Nicole had her friend from college, Maribeth Romslo, as her photographer. I thought Maribeth did a stunning job! Here are some pictures:

I love this photo but it really captures the ambiance of the Nature Musuem. You’re surrounded by nature but there are urban touches.

I love this parasol with Nicole in her gorgeous J.Crew gown. The gown is very Nicole- simple, chic, and romantic.

In lieu of floral centerpieces, there was a cake on each table!

Here is a great picture of the set-up of the room. The linens were gorgeous!

I love this picture of me and Denton during the cocktail hour.

Such a gorgeous picture! It is very romantic– and reminds me of Nicole.

The couple chose to sit with their family instead of at a head table.

During the toasts, the photographer caught me winking at Denton. I do it all of the time so it is sort of special that she caught it! It’s Denton’s favorite picture of all time.

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