DIY Gift Cardbox

The photo gift card box is a long time favorite of Chicago brides. Here are the DIY instructions for any interested brides.

Estimated Cost and Supplies:

  • $44 for 4 picture frames- 14 x 20 (or something close to that) with an 8 x 10 picture.
  • $3 for fabric – 1 yard
  • $2 for poster board
  • $10 for lazy susan
  • $20 base and supplies:1/4 to 1/2inch thick plywood base, 8 ft. of plastic
    “L” shaped molding, staples, Velcro.
  • A wood base
  • Lots of staples and staple gun (heavy duty)
  • Xtra thick poster board
  • Duct tape


  1. Cut the plastic L shaped molding into 12 equal sizes. This will be used in the corners, base, and top of the box.
  2. Insert pictures in frames before assembling. Staple a bracket on the inside of 2 frames to create a corner, then the next frame until you have a square. I let the inside frame corners touch and created a indented outside corner rather than overlaping the frame edges.
  3. Cut the wood base the same size as the inside bottom edge of the assembled picture frames, so it will not be seen when you look at the disply.
  4. Insert the base into the bottom of the picture frame box and staple 4 plastic strips into where the bottom and frames meet.

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