Rehearsal Dinner

With all of the wedding plans, it is easy to forget about the Rehearsal Dinner. While some couples turn the night into a mini-wedding reception, we have opted to keep the night intimate. We are inviting only family and the bridal party.

There are very few etiquette rules regarding the rehearsal dinner. The dinner should be complimentary to your guests. Your guest list should include those individuals that are participating in the wedding rehearsal. Usually, this includes the bridal party, ushers, and readers.

Finally– and this is my personal opinion– the rehearsal dinner should never be more formal than the wedding.

Here is a list of places that we have looked at in Chicago. We’re close to making our decision.

2 thoughts on “Rehearsal Dinner

  1. ~M says:

    Hi again!We are preparing OOT gift bags and plan on including a schedule. The only thing is, some of the bag recipients are invited to our rehearsal dinner but others aren\’t. I noticed that your OOT letter only addressed the day of the wedding…is that what you recommend we do as well? Did you just expect your rehearsal dinner invitees to know to come to your RD and did not mention it in your schedule? Thanks!


  2. Misse says:

    I did not include the RD on the OOT schedule in the letter. I assumed that the invitation was sufficient. I didn\’t want to have to keep the bags separate(those invited to the RD vs those that were not).Hope that helps!


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