Monograms have come along way. In the past few years, monograms have become very popular for weddings because they easily tie the details together. Since I don’t have the creative DIY gene, I enlisted Brett (knottie bkbistro3) to help design our perfect monogram.

Brett asked a series of questions about our wedding. About a week later, she created 10 custom monograms. They were fantastic! However, the color was not. Since we are going with a scarlet/ ruby red, I wasn’t excited about the colors. Brett kindly sent me to a website that specializes in color to help me identify the perfect color for us.

We now cannot decide which monogram to use! So please vote for your favorite. I’ve added a poll on the right hand side of my blog.

Brett has designed monograms for many couples. To take a look at her work, please go to her bio. Her prices are very reasonable. 5 customized monograms costs $10. 10 customized monograms for $20.

Thanks Brett!

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