Real Simple Weddings — Skip It

It’s rare that I totally bomb something, but the Real Simple Wedding book is terrible. I can’t believe that I actually wasted $12 to buy it. I’m usually diligent in scoping out potential wedding paraphernalia before opening it. BIG MISTAKE.

In a word, it sucks.

This is by far the lamest wedding magazine/book out there. There is the same freaking wedding outline that is in every wedding book known to man. In between chapters, there are some “real weddings” to peruse. While cute, I didn’t get one idea. As in, this is the first time that I have ever picked up a book and not walked away with a great idea.

6 thoughts on “Real Simple Weddings — Skip It

  1. Schmitty says:

    Um, just because you don\’t want to have a simple wedding and just because you didn\’t get any ideas from it, doesn\’t mean it sucks. Some of us don\’t want the hoity-toity wedding.


  2. Misse says:

    While I am not a regular Real Simple reader, I do enjoy the magazine when I read it. Usually, there are a ton of tips and tricks throughout the magazine. These items were left out of the book.The book has checklists (the same ones that you can get for free from theknot, weddingchannel, getmarried, etc.) and some real wedding examples. Overall, I felt that the book wasn\’t worth the value. If someone else has read it, I would be interested in your opinion.Cheers.


  3. limoncelloSTYLE says:

    I actually thought it was helpful, especially for people who may not have already read everything, it is a great book with all of the basics in it.I especially appreciated the honest writing. When discussing dress styles, they go right ahead and say \’…choose a gown that will actually look good on you, you may love the idea of strapless but hate your upper arms and decolletage, so now is a good time to rein in your espectations…\”I found that refreshing compared to most of what is out there.


  4. Rachel says:

    I am a regular Real Simple reader and was so excited when I saw they were going to have a wedding magazine. But I\’m with you, I thought it sucked. 😦 I was really sad. It had nothing to do with wanting a \”hoity-toity\” or simple wedding. I love RS for all the tips/tricks/pictures/ideas and this had very little of that. I found a few interesting tidbits of information, but I walked away from it with no new ideas and felt like $13 was a lot of money to spend for information that I already had. I think it would be hard to actually get ideas from the magazine regardless of what kind of wedding you\’re having because it was super information-heavy (timelines, etiquette) and had very few pictures and inspiration that I look forward to in the regular RS magazines.I still love RS, just really hope I see better stuff from them wedding-wise in the future.


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