My plan was to design my own invitations and have them letterpressed by Superior Letterpress. Unfortunately, I don’t have a design bone in my body. This is a great option for couples on a budget that crave letterpress.

After weeks of agonizing, I decided to purchase them. When I was started looking around, I thought, well, there is really only one wedding vendor website that makes me want to buy everything– White Aisle.

My fiance liked many of the styles. We ordered a few samples. Rebecca has a great policy that the money for the same can go towards the purchase of your invitations. What do you think of the styles? I love them all so it is really hard for me to pick.

Each invitation can be customized in several ways. The color is picked based on a Pantone color to ensure that you are getting exactly what you want! The invitations come in one or two colors. She has a list of fonts that are available too.

Here are our top picks!




New Orleans

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