Pre-marital Counseling

Before we said “I do”, we really wanted to go to pre-marital counseling. While my fiance and I have a healthy relationship, we felt that at the very least, we could prepare for our marriage.

Who knew it would be so much work?

Not the counseling, but finding someone to counsel us! Apparently, it is not a popular idea in Chicago. Finally, my fiance found Urban Balance. We had our first meeting last Saturday. In our first meeting, we went over a lot of great topics:

  • Is there any alcohol, drug, abuse in the relationship?
  • Is there a history of any alcohol, drug, abuse in our families?
  • Have we discussed having children?
  • Do we live together?
  • Have we talked about finances?
  • How do our families play a part in our relationship?

It was a wonderful session. I am very excited to continue our counseling and prepare for our marriage. If you are looking for someone, I would highly recommend their services.

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