Buying a Tux

My fiance decided to purchase a tuxedo for our wedding. Three weeks before our wedding, he is a groomsman and will “break it in”. I’m very excited because I think he is going to look smashing!

If your fiance is thinking about renting or buying a tux, here are some options to consider:

  • Jacket Buttons— One button is the standard for a classic tux but you can get two or three buttons or even double breasted.
  • Jacket Lapel— One notch is classic but there is also peak lapel or shawl.
  • Pant Leg— Pleated is classic; flat front is also available.
  • Shirt Collar— Full collar is very Rat Pack. Wing-tip is retro classic.
  • Shirt Style— Pleating is the standard. Plain shirt is another option.
  • Vest— Optional.
  • Cumberbund— Optional.
  • Tie— Bow-tie is the standard. Ties are becoming more common.
  • Shoes— They don’t have to be patent leather. Promise.

If you want some more ideas, check out this GQ article or the New York Times style section.

After much searching, D. decided to buy a tuxedo from Jos A. Bank. He went with a one button jacket with a notch collar and a pleated pant leg. Since he loves Thomas Pink shirts, I decided to get him a full collar plain evening shirt for his anniversary present. He wanted a real bow-tie not a clip-on! Brooks Brothers was having a great sale so he bought one for himself as well as the rest of the bridal party.

3 thoughts on “Buying a Tux

  1. ~M says:

    My fiancé also bought his tux at Jos. A. Banks and will be breaking it in a few months before the wedding. We went with the Executive 1-button notch lapel tux with pleated pants and a full collar pique plain-front shirt. We also got him a black satin vest and a self-tie bow tie. What are you doing for your groomsmen? I think we\’re going with Men\’s Warehouse and going to opt for their only 1-button notch lapel tux and give them black self-tie bow ties as part of their gifts. What was the deal for Brook\’s Bros.? Also, do you have any suggestions about how the Father of the Groom can look different than the groomsmen if he will also be renting a tux?


  2. Misse says:

    We are using Men\’s Warehouse. We made our reservation with them when they were After Hours. FYI- Men\’s Warehouse acquired After Hours. Like you, we are going with the 1 button notch lapel and giving the self-tie bow ties as part of their gift. Brooks Brothers had a post-Xmas sale in January so we got them a bit cheaper.A great way to distinguish the different men in the party is by having different pocketsquares or bouts.


  3. ~M says:

    You write that the shoes that men wear with their tux don\’t have to be patent leather. I\’d love to see what your husband wore, and even links to other formal footwear that you\’d also recommend. Thanks!


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