Getting’ Purty

First off, let me start by saying that before I started my wedding plans, I was a total beauty product junkie. I will participate in any beautification process, regardless of pain, if I think it will make me pretty.

Here’s a list of things that I will be doing in preparation for my Wedding Day:

  • Skin Masks— I’ve been giving myself a skin mask weekly starting eight months prior to the wedding. When my skin is oily or breaking out, I use Mary Kay Revitalizing Mask. In the winter, I find that a weekly Nivea mask really does wonders for my skin. Every few months, I use the intensive Origins Charcoal Mask. It’s intense and great on blackheads. As long as you moisturize afterward, your skin will look fabulous.
  • Facials— Since I take really good care of my skin, I have been getting facials every three months for the past year. I have read that it is recommended to get a facial every month. I would do it but that gets expensive! I love Aveda salon facials the best.
  • Nail Care — 3 months prior, I am going to start getting manicures every other week to ensure that I have the healthiest nails ever. I have been applying cuticle creme and lotion daily. Burt’s Bees is the knees bees for cuticle creme. I also like using Nailtiques protein to help my nails grow stronger.
  • Microdermabrasion— I heart microdermabrasion. After a treatment, I feel that my skin looks years younger. I have had the treatment done on an irregular basis the past few years. In preperation for the Big Day, I had a treatment in December. I will probably get another one in February and in April.
  • Waxing— Never fun but I do make a visit to Brazil before big trips. I will get a waxing probably on Tuesday or Wednesday before the wedding.
  • Tanning— This totally goes against being healthy but I am going to do a tanning cocktail on Friday. Twenty minutes in a tanning bed + One Mystic Spray Tan leaves me an entirely different color…but in the good way.
  • Teeth Whitening— In my personal opinion, this will be the most painful treatment for me. For a regular tea drinker, it really isn’t optional. The last time I did a Zoom! treatment, I was in pain for days. Luckily, I have some leftover Tylenol 3s from my gum transplant surgery.
  • Botox— I ugly cry. Besides, I am beginning to get frown lines between my brows. My plan is to get a tad of Botox to make me look wonderful and ward off the aging process a wee bit longer.
  • Water— I am sure you have read this in magazines but it REALLY is true. Drink lots of water and your skin will look fabulous.

Alright ladies, I have totally spilled the beans on my beauty preperation plans. Does anyone have any other great ideas?

3 thoughts on “Getting’ Purty

  1. rebekah says:

    I\’m a Mary Kay mask lover too! I would add a great cleanser to that list. NuSkin has a fantastic gel cleanser for combination skin. It\’s the only things that keeps my skin from looking horrible.


  2. Angie says:

    I have combination skin, and during the winter months I\’m very dry, but during the warmer months I\’m exceptionally prone to breakouts. warm day in winter and I\’m breaking out for weeks. Naturally skin care was a concern for me! I tried a number of products, too, and they\’d work for a while but my skin would either laugh them off, or they\’d work for a while and then I\’d be back to the same old same old. I ditto what the pp said–cleanser will work wonders. I use Neutrogena…can\’t remember the name off the top of my head (that\’s what I get for starting my morning without coffee!), but it\’s the only thing I use now; it\’s been great for my skin!


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