The Incredibly Shrinking Bride

After my beauty post caused a minor uproar, I was interested in reading this Newsweek article. I walked away rolling my eyes.

After you read it for yourself, feel free to read my criticism:

  • The bride that was quoted for the article said that people are interested in how she is going to look on her wedding day. Really? I’ve gotten a few questions on the type of dress I’m wearing, hair style, etc. but no one has made me feel as though I needed to change the way that I look. If your friends and family are doing that, you have much bigger issues. Additionally, I find it curious that the article interviewed one bride. I am sure there are a few brides out there that feel this way but I highly doubt that they make up the majority, or even at the very least, a strong minority.
  • Brides ordering a dress that is 4-5 smaller than their current size. While silly, I would hardly call this life-threatening or even unhealthy.
  • Weight loss—While the article agrees that most brides-to-be used healthy methods, it mentions that up to 20% of brides use unhealthy methods. How is this different the general population?
  • Botox or Chemical Peels— These treatments are safe if done correctly, he says, but there are a lot of people offering these services who have had very little training. Some have even used research-grade botulinum toxin in lieu of Botox, Again, how does this specifically target brides?

Overall, I feel this article is pure sensationalism. Slap the word “wedding” on an article and some people are going to read it. I did. My gut reaction was, Really? I mean really?? I worked in the bridal industry. While I’ve had a few brides want to lose 5 or 10 lbs, I haven’t had any do something where they no longer looked like themselves.

I still stand by my original post. On the day that I will be most photographed, I want to look my best. But I want to look like me. On some good days, my skin looks flawless. On some good days, I have a fantastic hair day. On some good days, I’m at my “happy weight”. On my wedding day, I want to make sure that I am having a really good day!

One thought on “The Incredibly Shrinking Bride

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think you make some very good points. I dont quite see how this infatuation with weight loss and alteration of the given body is different than the regular female (even male) population. I dont like it, or support it and i think its sad that people feel they have to do so much \”work\” on themselves, but its not too much more for a wedding and in some cases the wedding \”regime\” turns out to just be GOOD habits that they didnt previously practice.


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