Lining Envelopes

As I have stated in previous posts, DIY craftiness is not a skill of mine. However, I decided that if there was one task that I could handle, I could line envelopes! Here are the steps:

  1. I made a trip to Paper Source, picked out a paper that would compliment my cards as well as a glue stick.
  2. While the magazine suggested unassembling an envelope to create a template, I decided to trace the outside of the envelope and then cut 1/2 inch smaller all the way around. Being an avid recycler, I created my template out of an old postcard.
  3. I use the template to trace the envelope lining onto the sheet of paper.
  4. Then, I diligently cut out the paper.
  5. I smeared glue around the lid as well as a bit to the top and the bottom of the envelope.
  6. Once the lining was inside the envelope, I folded the envelope over to create a crease in the paper.

Ultimately, I am not going to be able to use my much cherished silhouette cards as my shower thank you cards.

Why not? More on that tomorrow…

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