Boo To Zazzle

A few months ago, I wrote a post about my satisfaction with Zazzle. Well, things have unfortunately changed. When we received our stamps, there was a letter stating that Zazzle has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We used 5 different pictures for our stamps. Two pictures that were less than stellar. The first picture is of us from the moment we got engaged. Taken with my camera, it was a little fuzzy on the stamp. Since I was exchanging those two sheets, I decided to swap out athe second picture because it had too much greenery and didn’t look as good.

I emailed Zazzle to inquire into the details of the exchange policy. The customer service representative emailed me back saying, “Thanks for your e-mail. We are more than willing to exchange the product you received for a replacement.”

A few weeks later, I had a credit on my account. I emailed Zazzle again. I was told that they do not do replacements on photo stamps. I emailed them back with the original email that stated they would replace the stamps. When I finally heard back after two inquiries, I was told that they would do nothing.

Unfortunately, I have to pull my review of this online vendor. I think it is horrible customer service to offer one thing and then do something entirely different.

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