Venue Remodel

My wedding venue, Hotel Allegro, has reopened their doors! Half of te rooms are still being finished but they have already held two weddings. Here are the pictures from a recent visit. Ironically, we knew the couple, A+K that was getting married there! A used to work with both my fiance and I at a consulting firm.
It was very fun to run into her and K between their ceremony and reception. A was very unhappy with the drapes. Unfortunately, I have to concur.

Music Room
It’s the foyer immediately outside of the Walnut Ballroom. They’ve added a lot of really modern black and white touches. We’ll be holding our cocktail hour there.

I love the paintings that flank the doors to the Ballroom.

The furniture will be removed for the cocktail hour.

Very cool black and white credenza.

We’ll be using this for the guest book and the In Memory candles.

The other black and white credenza on the other side of the bar.

The Music Room has two grand staircases that lead to the cocktail hour.

Back Lobby

This is my favorite part of the remodel. We decided to take pictures over here with the bridal party.

We’re taking pictures before the ceremony. Since we both want to have our first meeting together special, this is where we decided to meet!

Walnut Room
This is the ballroom!

Room view in the process of being set up for a reception

We will be getting married facing the mirror.

Does anyone find anything redeeming about these drapes?

Overall, I am happy with the remodeling of the ballroom. It’s a risky decision to pick a venue that is going over a remodel. In our case, the remodeling to the reception space was minimal: new drapes, new carpet, and a fresh coat on the wood walls.

If you find a venue that you love, I’d say go for it! Just be prepared to not like some of the changes. In our case, it is the hideous drapes.

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