Traditional or not?

Everyone has an opinion.

When I talk about my wedding plans, I’ve had people tell me that I’m soooo traditional. Other times, I have had people comment on how I’m so nontraditional.

And maybe I am reading too much into this, but I feel that the people that thing that I’m so non-traditional have only gone to cookie cutter weddings while the people that feel that I’m so traditional are my friends that are more much contemporary.

My Very Traditional Wedding
· We’re having a 1st Dance.
· We have a Head Table.
· We’re having a cake and doing a cake cutting.
· We’re getting married in a hotel.

My Very Non-Traditional Wedding
· We’re having an Anniversary Dance.
· We’re having an After Party.
· I’m walking myself down the aisle.
· There will be no Bouquet or Garter Toss.
· We are having a friend marry us.

Really though, I didn’t think about these things while wedding planning. I just went with the things that I wanted, regardless if it was considered avant garde or very traditional.

Jenna Bush’s Wedding

Is the monochromatic look of bridesmaid dresses falling out of favor? I love this look! It’s very modern and fresh looking!

The dresses above will be worn by Jenna’s attendents — she is only have one bridesmaid — at her wedding. Designed by Lela Rose, the picture came from a recent USA Today article. The article also highlights recent trends in the bridal world.

Apparently, my black bridesmaid dresses are out of vogue. Oops! It’s too late now.

One trend that is ending is strapless bridesmaid dresses. HURRAH! I am so tired of the look that is accompanied by the “fingers in your armpit as you hoist the dress back up” look.

What new trends are you loving right now?

Click to Cure. Photo Day

One of my favorite photographers, Dennis Lee, is offering a wonderful opportunity! Get your photo taken by him for a donation.

May 3, 2008
9:00AM – 7:00 PM
Studio 415
415 W. Huron
Come in to the studio and I will shoot portraits for a minimum donation of $100 to the American Cancer Society. Bring your family, friends, dogs, cats, whatever. Hey if you’ve got something to sell on e-Bay and want it photographed, write a check for a minimum of $100 and I’ll shoot it for you.
This is a first come, first served event. There are no reservation times. Walk in, we’ll spend a few moments taking photos and you’ll leave with a disc of all the images. This won’t be a full session with me. We’ll shoot maybe 10 minutes, but I shoot fast; you’ll get a nice selection of images. This is to raise money for cancer and help support an important cause. We’ll have food, music and other sponsors sharing information and products. Come and support a great cause.

Adventures in NYC: Meeting Mindy!

Since I’m out of town this week, I was disappointed that I was going to miss the Mindy Weiss event. I checked her website to see when she was coming to New York City. Lucky for me, she scheduled an appearance at Kleinfeld’s.

I was very excited to go to the wedding gown mecca. The store is very beautiful. There is a large foyer where the book signing was taking place. Since it was such an informal event, I was able to chat with Mindy for a few minutes. I even asked her to take a picture with me!

Back in my hotel room and on the plane ride home, I read her book, The Wedding Book: The Big Book for your Big Day. I have to say, her book is one of the best wedding planning books that I have read. While the book follows the format of every other wedding book, it is told from the perspective of a wedding planner. I thoroughly enjoyed her opinions.

There are a ton of tricks and tips in the book! Although I didn’t agree with everything, I did love this book! If you have a chance, attend her event next Wednesday. It should be entertaining!

My Life = Wedding Plans

Don’t get me wrong—I love wedding planning.

But before my life became consumed with wedding plans, I had other interests. I loved to read. What do I read now? Wedding magazines. Etiquette books. Ceremony Planning.

I loved fashion. Now, I barely have time to read all of my fashion magazines that arrive each month in the mail. I don’t even bother to open the emails that I get regularly from Berghoff Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, or Intermix because I don’t even have the money to shop.


I do have one occasion that requires a new dress—my bachelorette party! It’s a surprise—which is exciting!—but I’ve been told that I need to wear a bright color. After a grueling class at Power Plate, I stopped into SHE on Saturday. When I told them what I was looking for, they found me the PERFECT dress in two seconds flat.

Is this not the most PERFECT bachelorette party dress?! It’s by What Comes Around, Goes Around. I love it!

Bridal Event- Veils & Vino Trunk Show

Veils and Vino Trunk Show Sexy, ’40s Glamour, Princess,Destination Goddess…

Whatever your look, let white CHICAGO & expert Lori London be your personal stylist!De-stress and have some fun (and wine)while you find the perfect veil, bling or flower flair for your hair.

Friday, April 25 & Saturday, April 26
222 W. Huron
Appointments required 312.397.1571

Receive a 10% discount during the show! Bring your dress or a gown swatch to find the perfect match.

Haute Bride Sample Sale

One of my favorite bridal stores, Haute Bride, is having a sample sale!

Save 10% on your custom designed veil.

Save 15% on all Haute Bride designed accessories, including our B628 bracelet, chandelier earrings, our Spring 2009 Collection, during the trunk show.

Book your appointment early for the sample sale. Save 30-50% on in stock veils. Jennifer Leigh veils are custom designed, and start at $80. Choose from face veils, Alencon lace trim, satin ribbon edging, rhinestone or crystal sparkles and more. Please call for an appoinment. Trunk show ends on April 28, 2008.

Making It Legal

We’re married!

Reading the paperwork!

My husband’s lack of enthusiasm is funny.

We went to license Cook County Clerk’s office to get our marriage license.  The policies vary from county to county (as well as State to State)! 
If you aren’t sure where to go or what you need, then you should do a quick google search.

My Invitations Part III – Vendor Reviews

Postage StampsZazzle D-
I hope that this is my worst vendor. I ordered 120 stamps using various pictures. One sheet came out very poorly because it was a photo that we took at our engagement. Since Zazzle advertised a 100% exchange policy, I emailed them to exchange those pictures. Zazzle sent me a return number. A few weeks later, I have a credit on my credit card. I inquired about the status of the exchange. A different sales rep told me that they do not do exchanges on the custom stamps. Even after I sent him the emails from the other sales rep, he refused to allow me to exchange or allow me to replace my stamps. I was extremely disappointed with the customer service. I would NOT recommend.

Postage StampsYourStamps A-

Our stamps from Zazzle turned out way too big for our response cards. Like, WAY TOO big. My FI knew that photo postage stamps were really important to me. Why? I don’t know… but it was one of those things that I HAD TO have. He searched online and found Your Stamps. We ordered without much research. The stamps arrived at our local Ritz Camera so that we could avoid shipping costs. It was convenient and a cost saver.

Vintage Postage StampsChampion A+
I purchased 4 types of vintage stamps so that I could have the collage look on my envelopes. While putting them together, I emailed to inquire the size of the stamps. I received a quick reply. The stamps came in 1.5 weeks later in perfect condition. I would highly recommend. We purchased $.91 worth of stamps for 125 guests for $256.

Calligraher – Marilyn A+

Marilyn did a wonderful job on the calligrapher on my outer envelopes. She gets the + for putting up with our multiple trips to her home (last minute addition, change of last name, change of address, can you add my nephew’s name to this inner envelope, etc.)

Invitations – White Aisle A

Our invitations arrived about 5.5 weeks after ordering. A few days later– as I was assembling them to mail out– I noticed that some of the response cards had a printing flaw. It wasn’t very noticeable but it was nonetheless a flaw. After emailing Rebecca, she responded within minutes.

She asked that we send her some pictures of the problem. My camera is crap so the flaw wasn’t clear. Since she was using mine invitations as samples, she already had plenty of extra to mail to me. The next day I sent her my flawed response cards and she mailed me the new ones. I received mine in the mail.
A few days later, I emailed her to see if she saw the problem. Apparently, the cards were destroyed in the mail. Maybe I am overly sensitive, but she never accepted the blame or apologized. While I see her point of view (she didn’t get proof of the mistake), I wish that she would have been a little more remorseful about the entire situation.