My Floral Trial

As soon as we walked in, I left out a huge breath of relief. Esther from Scarlet Petal totally understood my vision. The arrangements were gorgeous!
My original idea was eight tall centerpieces with seven short centerpieces in a mono-chromatic color scheme of scarlet reds. Originally, I wanted the ribbon to be tied all the way down around the vase. Esther came up with the idea of adding the dyed water to the bottom of the vase. Brilliant! I love it.
Unfortunately, my old camera did something funky with the color. The flowers look very pink-red instead of dark, deep red. In person, the color was perfect. In these pics, notsomuch.

Our tall centerpieces. We’ll be using 8 of these on 15 of the tables. They will also be used during the ceremony. We’re going to have 4 of these on each side of the aisle. I want a really long dramatic aisle.

The roses as part of our second centerpiece.

This is the only thing that I didn’t love. We’re going to replace them with tulips.

Carnations. For some, it is a dirty word.
I agree with Martha Stewart, they can look stunning, if arranged correctly.

The trio centerpiece for the remaining seven tables.

We then discussed the rest of the proposal. One big thing had changed: my venue had remodeled and the color scheme had changed into the Music Room. Once Esther saw the new decor, she agreed that we need to change part of my color scheme.

Esther took us on quite the hunt! I was like a kid in a candy store. Check it out!

After we went through the supplies, we had a new vision. More on that tomorrow!

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