Adventures in NYC: Meeting Mindy!

Since I’m out of town this week, I was disappointed that I was going to miss the Mindy Weiss event. I checked her website to see when she was coming to New York City. Lucky for me, she scheduled an appearance at Kleinfeld’s.

I was very excited to go to the wedding gown mecca. The store is very beautiful. There is a large foyer where the book signing was taking place. Since it was such an informal event, I was able to chat with Mindy for a few minutes. I even asked her to take a picture with me!

Back in my hotel room and on the plane ride home, I read her book, The Wedding Book: The Big Book for your Big Day. I have to say, her book is one of the best wedding planning books that I have read. While the book follows the format of every other wedding book, it is told from the perspective of a wedding planner. I thoroughly enjoyed her opinions.

There are a ton of tricks and tips in the book! Although I didn’t agree with everything, I did love this book! If you have a chance, attend her event next Wednesday. It should be entertaining!

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