Dear Martha

Dear Martha,

Let’s chat. We have what is commonly referred to as a love/hate relationship. Right now, I’ve got no love for you. It’s not me, it’s you. You see, you set these unreasonable expectations for your dear followers.

First off, I read all of your wonderful articles and get inspired. I think to myself, “I can do this!” Sometime, I can. Most of the time, I cannot.

My latest debacle involved an article that I read years ago about vintage stamp montages. I vowed to do this little project on my wedding invitations. Face it, you hired a fresh out of college eager 22 year old that spent days finding the perfect stamps.

I have spent close to eight hours trying to replicate your beautiful montage. Eight hours! It’s an entire work day. Instead, I was trying to create a montage that would meet the postage cost AND look aesthetically pleasing. Then, I spent a good portion of two nights gluing the suckers onto each invitation.

I survived. A glutton for punishment, I decided that I would line my own wedding envelopes. You showed it in four easy steps! Four easy steps! I feel like a prize idiot as I wasted $60 worth of artisan paper by cutting the paper incorrectly. After buying some more paper and begging my fiancé to help out, we finally made the liners. A good twenty hours later!

While I appreciate all of your ideas, perhaps you can come up with a color coded system to identify projects that require a Master’s in DIY genius.

Martha, why do you do this to your devoted readers?

Cool Regards,

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