Hair Trial with Kendra

Kendra is a long time Knottie and Kitten so I feel like I’ve known her for ages although we just met. While in town, she came over to my house for my hair trial. I showed her some pictures of hair styles that I love. I also let her know that my hair had been washed the day before and that my hair was heavy.

My two favorite hair styles:

After chatting, I left her go to town. Since we only had 45 minutes, she didn’t hot roller my hair but we played around and had a lot of fun!

Pins VS Brooch—
I couldn’t decide between the pins or the big brooch. We tried the pins first. Not sure if that was what I wanted, Kendra added in the brooch. I think I’m going to use the large brooch in my hair. Anyway, since there is no easy way to remove them, I took a picture with all of it in my hair. Don’t worry, I won’t be over doing it on my wedding day.

A few months later, I had some pictures taken. This time, Kendra did my hair and make-up. It’s hard to take a picture of you…but here is a picture. She did a great job!

Unfortunately, Kendra isn’t taking any more wedding day clients. She is opening up a salon. In addition, she is writing a column for about hair.

Kendra asked if I would be willing to have Livia, who works with Sonia Roselli, do my hair. I’ve worked with Livia in the past and loved her work.

More pictures coming tomorrow!

Kendra’s New Salon

Village Hair Design
65 16th Avenue SW
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

2 thoughts on “Hair Trial with Kendra

  1. Anonymous says:

    Go with the other makeup scheme. This is too tarty for a bride and it makes you look much older than you are. You don\’t need too much makeup you\’re a pretty girl.


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