Another Day with Sonia

I’m really lucky! Since Kendra was unable to do my hair for the wedding, she booked me with Livia. Since Livia works with Sonia, I was able to get a second make-up trial.

Sonia told me that she had been thinking about me and had an idea for a completely new look. I was EXCITED! Sonia felt that I wasn’t a typical bride- that I should go for something more dramatic. She decided to put full lashes on me. It’s a lot more dramatic than the first trial.

Livia is a rock-star. I also owe her my deepest apologies for coming to her with too dirty of hair. It’s a myth that you need to skip washing your hair. I usually wash my every day and a half or every two days. However, it was really oily and I felt bad that she had to play with it.
Livia wanted me to try a half-up, half down look. What do you think? I feel it is very princess-y and not very me.

Here’s a side view of my make-up with veil.

Here’s a picture with the make-up and the hair with the veil. Should I go more traditional or do the full dramatic look? Regardless, I’m going to go tanning! I cannot believe that I look so pale.

6 thoughts on “Another Day with Sonia

  1. Jacey says:

    You look so skinny! I think go in between for the make-up. Either new dramatic way with fewer lashes or old more natural way with more pumped up eye make-up.Is your hair up in the pics with the veil or half up? Did Livia try it all the way up, too?


  2. Misse says:

    I am probably going to go with the dramatic make-up but the indivual lashes.My hair is completely up in the pictures with the veil. I\’m torn. I always imagined having my hair up but I do really like the half-up/ half-down do.


  3. Anonymous says:

    If you have always envisioned your hair up, I think you should wear it up. Maybe you could ask Livia if she could show you how to let it down for your after party, so you could do the half up/half down look then.


  4. Anonymous says:

    You don\’t really look like yourself in these pics. Your fiance asked YOU to marry him, not some fabrication of how you imagined yourself at your wedding someday. Best case scenario is he\’s disappointed you don\’t look like yourself; worst case is he loves how you look as a bride but you can\’t be airbrushed every day of your life. If you wear your hair up regularly, do it. If it\’s usually down, do it that way with a little extra style. Don\’t overdo the makeup–your groom is in love with you, not makeup or lashes.


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