Wedding of Melissa + Anthony

As a wedding coordinator, I have dealt with all sort of brides. None have really match the style of Melissa + Anthony.

When I walked in the morning of the wedding, the bride wasn’t there. A little unusual. Melissa walked in about ten minutes later, with Anthony by her side, after a trip to Trader Joe’s. I knew at this moment that the day was going to fun and relaxed. The couple threw out all sorts of traditions and were focused on completely enjoying the day.

Eventually, Anthony left the room so that the girls could get ready. The couple met up again at 3pm to get the photos taken. By the time that the ceremony started, the couple were beaming.

All photographs by Dennis Lee.

The couple surrounded by the gorgeous city architecture

All eyes on the happy couple

Hot pink accents were key for the day.

Melissa with her sassy hot pink shoes


More pictures coming tomorrow!

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