Go with your Gut

I don’t think that I will do a long bridal advice post, but let me say this, Go with your Gut.

During the wedding planning process, I was driving myself crazy lately. Usually, I am super decisive type A personality that has no problems making decisions. Then, there were decisions around the wedding.

I ponder each and every idea.

  • Do I want to wear my hair up? I thought I did but then, I wasn’t so sure.
  • Should I have a more formal rehearsal dinner than we had originally planned?
  • What type of ring do I want?
  • Should I wear d’orsey heels?
  • I love color but all of a sudden, I was having dreams of Marie Antoinette inspired fete with pastels and ecru.

Part of the problem is that I have officially ODed on weddings. After surfing the Knot, perusing online blogs, watching Get Married, and reading a multitude of wedding magazines, everything seems so overdone.
In reality, I was just losing focus. I took a break from blogging and other wedding media outlets to enjoy myself. It helps.

One thought on “Go with your Gut

  1. Kelly says:

    I am totally the same way. I second guess EVERY decision i\’ve made. I am driving myself crazy. So sometimes I just have to step away and remember that it will be awesome regardless if there are stones incorporated in my centerpeices or not.


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