Our Wedding Vows

We decided early on that we would write our own vows. We both agreed that it would be a lot more personal.

Denton’s vows to Melissa
Melissa, you have meant many things to me and been many things for me since we first met. In the beginning, you were:
My co-worker.
My audience, and as a result,
My critic.
My work mate.
My neighbor.

And as we got to know one another, you became My friend.
The source of
My excitement.
My nervousness.
My every waking thought.
My love interest.
And finally–finally–
My girlfriend.

From then on, you’ve become
My teacher.
My role model.
My schedule maker.
My Starbucks break.
My fashion consultant.
My financial planner.
My biggest critic.
My staunchest Ally.
My organizer.
My list maker.
My travel partner.
My guide.
My best friend.
My shoulder to cry on.

And in the past year, you’ve become:
My fiancée.
My motivation.
My project manager.
My task master.
My boss.
My bride to be.

All of this has occurred over the course of four years, and yet, it is only the beginning.

I promise to never let this list, of who you are and what you mean to me, to ever be truly complete. It will continually grow and adapt, just like our lives together. I vow to be honest and true, loving and supportive, kind and trustworthy, patient and forgiving. I vow to be the best I can be for you because I know you will do the same for me.

Today, with our friends and family here to witness and help celebrate, Melissa, you are becoming:
My everlasting bond.
My family.
My freedom.
My future.
My wife.

From this point forward, I vow that you will always be My Honey Bee.

At this moment, the entire female bridal party was tearing up. I looked over at his parents, they were both crying. I was too.

I was also dreading to share my vows…because they weren’t nearly as good!

Melissa’s vows to Denton
I, Melissa, take you Denton, the great love of my life, as my husband.
I promise to love you for who you are, just as you love me.
I promise to stand by your side, to bring out the best in you, and to be there for you.
I will be the one you lean on when you are in need.
As we travel through life together, hand in hand and heart in heart, I will love you always.

At the cocktail reception, my Greek Mom turned to me and said, “He kicked your ass up there.”

4 thoughts on “Our Wedding Vows

  1. Lethie says:

    Wow. He did a great job! Yours were great too. It came from the heart, which is the most important. Mines will probably just like yours short and sweet.


  2. kj says:

    Oh man – at least you have the story to laugh at. We had ended up writing vows together the night before….very not planned, but I know he hadnt worked on anything as of yet. He even used some of my ideas.On our wedding day, we said what we planned, but then he added a whole lotta thoughtful things without me knowing ahead of time. I tried to improvise, and made some mention of \”I will forgive you for surprising me\”…Whatever the story is, its good to have a story!


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