Video Slideshow

Many couples decide to make a video of their lives to share with their guests. We opted to show the video after the rehearsal but before the rehearsal dinner. There are three videos: one of me growing up, one of my husband growing up, and then one of us, once we had met.

To create the video slideshows, we went through a bunch of old photos. I gave this project to my husband, Denton, since I thought this would be a great way for him to participate in the never ending wedding task list! He scanned all of the photos. Then, he put the photos in chronological order with my help. Finally, we picked the songs for the three videos. It took us ages to pick the perfect songs.

Denton compared different types of software to put the songs to music. He opted to purchase Photo Story 3 . He had to spend some time getting the photos to go in the right direction as they “slide” on the screen.

Don’t underestimate how much time this DIY project can take! I gave this project to my husband, Denton. It took him probably 30-40 hours to make our videos. I think that they are fantastic! To see the videos, click here.

9 thoughts on “Video Slideshow

  1. Ellen Mint says:

    I\’m in the middle of making a slideshow/movie with iMovie (I did a ton of these when I graduated high school) so it\’s been hours just scanning in pictures and uploading them. I fear how long it\’ll take just editing the thing all together. Put I promised his Mom, so here\’s hoping I\’ll find the time.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi! I thought the timing and pacing of your slideshow was very good. Do you know how many pictures you had time for? We\’re in the process of collecting pictures now, and it would be helpful to have an idea of how many we really have time for.In particular, any advice you have about: – How many seconds should a picture be on screen for? – How much total time is appropriate before guests start getting antsy? :)Thanks!Corey


  3. Misse says:

    Hi Corey!Here are the answers to your questions:- How many seconds should a picture be on screen for?The picture time varied. The average was 45 seconds. Once you have a song in place, do the math to figure out how many pictures you need.- How much total time is appropriate before guests start getting antsy? :)I think it depends on when you show your videos. Timing is crucial as you want your guests to be entertained. Our videos lasted 11 minutes. We showed them on Friday, the day before the wedding. After our rehearsal, we had everyone up to the hospitality suite for cocktails. We showed our videos at that time.Good luck and Best Wishes!


  4. ~M says:

    Hi Misse,In addition to the video that your husband made that you posted, did you also have professional videography at the wedding itself? I ask because my parents opted for videography and the videographer asked for a copy of the invitation and said: If you also want childhood pictures at the beginning of your video, please send it with the invitation. We suggest pictures as a baby, toddler, child, young adult, and adult (about 6 each of the bride and groom) and three to five pictures together. What are your thoughts? 16 days to go and so much to do!Thanks, as always!


  5. Misse says:

    Hi! We opted not to have a videographer. It wasn\’t important to either of us.I think it depends on you. I rather not have a wedding video start out with photos of us growing up but that is pure personal preference. To each their own!You are so close to your big day! You\’ll have to send me a link of your photos.Misse


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