My Wedding, Part II- The Details

My favorite part of a wedding is the details. But I must be honest, dear readers, I didn’t notice hardly any of the details at all.

When I attend a wedding as a guest, I always pay attention to the details. I look at the little touches that the bride added to her wedding day. As a wedding coordinator, I make sure that those details are implemented. But as a bride? I hardly noticed them at all! I was too busy visiting with my friends and family to care if the Favor Table was set up correctly. (It was, thanks to My DOC!)

I am not here to say that I have changed my ways. My opinion remains that the details are very important for a visually stunning wedding. But as a bride, I really owned cared about my Groom and my guests.

Our Beautiful Cake

The Head Table

A Place Setting

Denton’s Groom’s Cake

My fabulous shoes

The Escort Card Table was flipped into being the Favor Table

The Room set up for the Ceremony

Great Detail Shot of my Hair

Care for a Misselini? It was our Signature Drink

Our Card Box

The Cake and part of our Head Table

A Room Shot

Our Menus & Programs

Now that I have shared some photos, I am going to move on to vendor reviews!

2 thoughts on “My Wedding, Part II- The Details

  1. ~M says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!! I was wondering whether you had ever seen a menu that has two sides. My fiancé and I, with the help of my mother, have put so much effort into our menu (food-wise) since we\’re having an entirely gluten-free kosher pescatarian event. Try saying that 3x fast! We are both food lovers and really enjoy cooking together so the food selection/offerings and quality has been one of our higher priorities. My mom suggested that my fiancé, who has a wonderful sense of humor that is especially highlighted by his writing, write up a menu with an explanation about why we chose to have our gf kosher event…but I haven\’t really seen many menus that would accommodate such an idea (ie, room for a description). If it matters, the wedding will be formal and the colors black and white. Any inspiration would be very helpful 🙂 Thanks!


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