My Rock Star Vendors

Below are my top wedding vendors. These vendors went above and beyond for my husband and I on the day of our wedding. I would recommend them in a heart beat. If you are interested in their services, please let them know they you heard about them from me. If you have any questions, feel free to email me!

String Quartet – Accolade Musicians

When I contacted Accolade for a string quartet, they gave me pricing for a trio or a quartet. I didn’t realize that my contract was for a trio until the week of the wedding. My bad. Luckily, they were able to find a fourth performer. They went above and beyond because they took the time to learn some songs for us. I wanted to enter to Coldplay’s Clocks and we wanted to exit to Enya. They learned the songs and they sounded PERFECT. I would highly recommend.

Ring – Fredrick M. Gottlieb & Co.
67 E. Madison St. Suite 1921

I absolutely love my ring. I opted to get one “marriage” ring– in lieu of a engagement ring and wedding ring– as I don’t like the stacked look. For ages, we couldn’t find anything out there. We looked at some estate jewelry but nothing caught our eye. Finally, we decided to design a ring together. Jeff brought out some diamonds for us to consider. Once we picked the perfect stone, we worked together to design the perfect ring. He created a computer drawing and then a wax molding. It was an amazing experience. I would highly recommend if you can’t find the perfect ring.

Programs – LeLe Designs
After the work involved in creating our OOT welcome packet, both my husband and I agreed that we needed help with the rest of our paper suite. We met with Elise and we loved her. Then she uttered these words, “thermography printed programs” and I melted. She came up with a beautiful design that complimented my original invitations and our cake. Elise not only had them ready a day early, she had her assistant assemble them for us. I would highly recommend.

Make-up Artist – Sonia Roselli
What can I say that hasn’t been said before? Sonia is a rock star when she beats your face. Between the two trials I had with her, we came up with the perfect look for me. She is fabulous. I love her. I am anxiously awaiting the opening of her new store. I would highly recommend.
Hair Stylist – Livia
I scheduled a hair trial about six weeks before the wedding once Kendra was not longer able to do my hair. I showed her some pictures that I liked and she did everything to perfection. Livia did a fabulous job. I thank her immensely for coming in at the last minute. I would highly recommend.

Florist – Scarlet Petal

Scarlet Petal rocked my world. The flowers, which were identical and just as beautiful as the trial, were amazing. I am in true awe of their work. On the day of my wedding, I didn’t like my bouquet. She quickly whipped up a new one for me. I was very impressed with her work and style. To top it off, Esther is a delight to work with. Many of my guests complimented the decor. I had one male guest ask me, “Are those big balls of carnations real?” I was impressed that a male would notice the flowers! I would highly recommend.

Groom’s Cake – Tipsy Cake

We met with Naomi back in January. She talked with my fiance and came up with a groom’s cake that he would love. (My idea of a stack of suitcases to reflect our joint passion of travel was nixed by the both of them. Well, it is a GROOM’S CAKE!) Anyhoo, his love of the Indianapolis Colts was mentioned. She came up with the idea of this gigantic horse shoe in blue fondant. It is the most hideous shade of blue. It was very Denton. The red velvet cake was so freaking good that we ate the remaining 3 pieces within hours of getting home the day after the wedding. Cake makes a lovely dinner, no? I would highly recommend.
DOC – Marilyn at Honey Bee Weddings

In all fairness, I work with Marilyn so my review is biased. Marilyn did an outstanding job as a wedding coordinator. She was able to make sure that our vendors were on time as well as get all of my little details ready for both the ceremony and the reception. Instead of helping us with our OOT welcome bags as our contract states, she helped me create the table numbers. I would highly recommend.
Six weeks before the wedding, we had our terrible tasting at Rolf’s. Denton and I decided to suck it up and pay for a cake even though a cake was complimentary with Rolf’s. We tasted at Alliance Bakery, Cake Girls, and Amy Beck. Amy blew us away. Cake Girls was just as tasty as Amy’s, but Amy was willing to really work with us on a totally unique design. She took our two ideas and ran with them. Even Denton was super impressed when we received back the drawings. She came in at the last moment and saved the day. The only minor item is that she was going to thrown in a cake stand for us but forgot it. However, I didn’t even notice until the following week when I got the pictures back and realized that there wasn’t a cake stand. I would highly recommend.

Bridesmaid Luncheon – Four Seasons
We had afternoon tea in the conservatory. After dessert, three staff members came over, each carrying a little blue box, and handed one to each of my maids. My bridesmaids were utterly surprised and really really excited. The girls were completely shocked when they realized that each gift was personalized. How did the staff know which gift to give to each girl? I came in earlier in the day and described each girl. The Four Seasons went above and beyond in their service for us.
The band did an outstanding job. Since we decided to have our wedding New York Style (AKA dancing in between each course), the band had to be ready to get the crowd moving. They did and then some! If you look in my pictures, almost everyone was dancing. If I could have them do one thing over, I would have them call the Anniversary Dance by the name rather than “The Elimination Dance”. Regardless, they were outstanding. I had several wedding guests tell me that this is the best band that they have ever seen play at a wedding. I would highly recommend.

3 thoughts on “My Rock Star Vendors

  1. Misse says:

    Sorry. The line about \”beating your face\” is a joke that Sonia has made in the past. I can assure you that there is no physical violence when Sonia applies make-up!


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