Save the Honey Bee’s!

This post isn’t wedding related…but I felt that I had to post about my name sake, Honey Bees!

As you may or may not know, there is a Honey Bee Crisis. Over 25% of Honey Bees have disappeared in the past few years.

Sponsored by Haagen Dazs, this website lists how you can Help the Honey Bees. Please go help save some Honey Bee’s today!

Bridal Events: Trunk Sales

Augusta Jones Trunk Show
August 1st – 2nd
A L’ Amour Bridal Boutique
236 W. Northwest Hwy.
For an appointment, call 847.381.3838

Lazaro Trunk Show and Appearance
August 1st – 3rd
Macy’s State Street Bridal Salon
111 N State St.
4th Floor
For an appointment, call 312.781.3545
Receive 10 percent off any Lazaro purchase.

Lynn Lugo Trunk Show
August 1st – 3rd
Vegas to Venice Bridal Boutique
1223 W. Diversey Pkwy.
For an appointment, call 312.850.0111

Paloma Blanca Trunk Show
August 2nd
Mira Couture
1 E. Delaware Pl.
For an appointment, call 312.255.1699
Receive 10 percent off any Paloma Blanca purchase.

Pampered Brides Day of Beauty
August 3rd
Receive complimentary beauty services with cocktails.
Mortons Steak House
65 E. Wacker Place
To RSVP, call 773.474.7982

Real Wedding: Jacey + Dan: The Details

Continuing from yesterday, here are more gorgeous photos from Jacey and Dan’s wedding.
Peonies are the brides’s favorite flowers.

Jacey was a DIY Bride.
To create a cohesive look for all of her paper goods, Jacey use the same fonts and monogram.
Below is her program.

The entry of the Grand Piazza is also the entry to the Museum. Guests were greeted by a table in the foyer with a centerpiece and a framed engagement photo of the couple.

Double Duty– Escort Cards as Favors.
Jacey and Dan gave each guest a clear bookmark sleeve for their photobooth photos. The bookmark was also used as an escort card. Jacey created these orgami corners to hold up the bookmarks. While beautiful and super creative, the escort cards fell over like dominos three times during the set up. My fingers were double crossed that the breeze would stop before the guests arrived. (It did.)

Since the Cocktail Hour was on the roof deck, Jacey had parasols for the guests incase the sun became too much. While thoughtful, the biggest fans were the littliest guests.

One of the High Boys for the Cocktail Hour.
Jacey had this gorgeous print material as a splash of color on each High Boy. It was complimented by floating orchids in square vases with some votive candles.
Also on the table is an example of the Bar Menu with her Signature Drinks.

A view of the decor in the reception venue. Flowers were from Kio Kreations

Jacey and Dan wanted an old school photobooth. Always a great choice for a wedding, MDM provided the service along with a DJ.

The first course was a Tower of Mango salad by Levy Catering.

Jacey adored her Ann Wood bird cake toppers on her otherwise unadorned white cake.
The wedding was that fun! Thanks for looking!

Wedding of Jacey + Dan

When I first met Jacey and Dan, I could tell that they weren’t from Chicago. While both have Midwestern roots, they are 100% LA in their creativity and fun! Dan is a screenwriter while Jacey works in fashion. Therefore, it was a total pleasure for me to work with them!
In this first photo, Jacey chose to buck the tradition of bridal white shoes to wear her gorgeous patent leather red Marc Jacobs shoes. They were the first gift that Dan ever gave to her.

All photos by Matt Schademann from Schademann Studios! Thank you Matt for getting these photos to me. I love them.

The couple took a number of photos around the church,
but not the run of the mill at the alter type.
Making use of their surroundings:
Holy Family is across the street from a firehouse.

The Grand Piazza has a gorgeous spiral staircase into the entrance to the ballroom.

Taxi anyone?

The bride walking down the aisle

Stay tuned for all of the fabulous details tomorrow!

Someone say cake??

Where does the tradition of freezing wedding cake come from?

A clue is from the old nursery rhyme: First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage!

The tradition comes from the UK, where wedding cake is usually a fruit cake. If you have ever had a fruit cake, then probably know that all of that alcohol will allow the cake to stay good for about 9 months. 9 months being the perfect amount of time for the baby to come along.

Yup, the top layer tradition comes from having to make a second cake for when the baby arrives!

We were not planning on saving our top cake. However, since there were 2 slices per guest, the hotel chose to save the top layer for us since there was no way we were going to go through that much cake!

Top layer, the day after our wedding

I have heard that no matter what you do, the top layer tastes terrible after a year. After some googling, I found directions on Wilton, What’s Cooking America, and Associated Content. We opted to save our cake for a month when we would be able to eat the cake with family at our picture viewing party. Unfortunately, we were unable to get together…until THIS WEEKEND!

I took the cake out this morning…and I must say, it looks pretty darn good! It’s defrosting in the fridge. I will get back to you on Monday on the actual cake tasting.

My Wedding: The First Meeting

After Getting Ready, I was off to meet my Groom.

When I walked up to him, we both stared at each other. Neither of us wanted to embrace each other, we both just took it all in. I couldn’t believe how handsome he looked. The moment is best described as surreal.

Our first kiss of the day.

Denton is telling me that he is very anxious to see if I like my gift. He said that it took him months to find it!

See the little red logo in the corner? I saw it and screamed, VALENTINO!
I had a very good idea of what the gift might be.

My ultra cheesy smile is because I adore the red patent leather bow clutch that I have wanted for MONTHS!

Valentino and I share the same signature color, RED! If you aren’t a big fan of hand bags, the top loop of the bow goes through your wrist.

I actually gave Denton two gifts. My Aunt Sandy, who passed away in 1999, gave me an ivory tie clip back in 1994 when I was still 17 years old. She made me swear that I would only give it to my husband, never a boyfriend. I kept it for 14 years, waiting for this moment. It is the only part of the day where I really started to cry.

It’s not a good photo of the gift- but Denton’s reaction makes me smile. I gave him a very traditional wedding day gift, a watch, from Tiffany’s. Watches are given as it is a symbol of the time you will spend together.

For the pictures, I wanted to wear my ring. I was so excited to have it on my finger finally!

As I fixed his bow-tie, I learned that the guys had a lot of trouble with their real bow-ties! Thank goodness for You Tube. They watched a how to video about ten minutes before our first meeting.

Off to take photos!

DIY: Out of Town Gift Bag Welcome Packet

It’s always exciting to get a reader request. Reader M asked that I show the information included on the Welcome Packet/Letter in our Out of Town Gift Bags. As I mentioned earlier, the packet was 8 pages. Since it was layered, we had four different size pages.

Below, I have labeled each page number and each group number. The group number represents the different size pages.

It took some time, especially the map, but the guests loved it. Denton used Google Maps to create a saved map. Then, he used this link to make the map printable. Finally, he had a lot of work to do to get the numbers out and arranged appropriately for our template.

If you have any other questions, feel free to leave a comment or email me!

Page 1, Group A
Page 2, Group A
Page 2, Group B

Page 4, Group B

Page 5, Group C

Page 6, Group C

Page 7, Group C

Page 8, Group D

Bridal Event: Ann Barge

Can you imagine meeting your dress designer? It’s possible if you join Anne Barge for her visit to Belle Vie Bridal Couture for a cocktail party and trunk show.  Brides will receive a 10% complimentary discount and $100 off a veil or headpiece during the trunk show.
In-Store Cocktail Party
July 24th6PM-7PM

Trunk Shows
July 25th11AM-6PMJuly 26th10AM-5PM

Belle Vie Bridal Couture
34 E. Oak St.
4th Floor
312.751.2222 RSVP

Bridal Event: Filene’s Basement

Last year, I was really excited about going to the Running of the Brides.  I ended up unsuccessful and a little frustrated.  However, I have heard of many brides able to find great deals.  If you are interested, there are some tips below!

Strategies for Success at the Filene’s Basement Bridal Gown Sale
(aka “The Running of the Brides”)
The Week Before the Sale:

Pick a team — people whose taste you trust and are willing to get in there and do shopping battle for you.

Hold a pre-sale meeting with your team
• come up with a team uniform- matching hats, t-shirts, headbands, carry whistles-anything that would make it easier to find each other in the crowd
• assign jobs to team members—someone to gather, someone to trade, someone to help you in and out of the dresses, someone to guard your inventory from prowlers
• tear out pages from bridal magazines, or print styles from on-line wedding gown sites to show your team what you’re looking for
• pick place to rendezvous in the store

The Morning of the Sale:

Dress code– wear a sports bra and shorts or a bathing suit so you can try on dresses anywhere in the store; DO NOT WEAR FLIP FLOPS if you plan to participate in the “rush to the racks” (we’ve seen a couple of nasty tumbles)

Leave your handbag at home—you’ll need both hands for this.

Please, NO MAKE-UP. You wouldn’t want to see the dress of your dreams only to find it smeared with lipstick. CLEAN HANDS are appreciated.

No food or drinks inside the store; get rid of trash before the doors open in the receptacles provided

Best Time to Arrive

The doors open at 8am. Brides-to-be and their teams who have been in line the longest will get to the racks first. In fact, it’s possible that the racks will be bare by the time you get into the store. DON’T DESPAIR! The dresses are not all gone. You’ll see brides trading or putting dresses back on the racks almost immediately. Use the first hour to look for brides who are trying on dresses you like. Then, be there to grab or trade for her “rejects.”

INSIDER TIP: If you’re not up to the chaos of store opening, arrive late morning or anytime up to store closing (8:00pm). Dresses will be back on the racks and the atmosphere will be much calmer. REMEMBER, this sale looks a lot more competitive than it really is—most of the hundreds of people you see in the rush to the racks are helpers, not buyers. Each team ends up with just one dress. (Alright, sometimes two, but that’s rare). There are still plenty of dresses to choose from. In fact, last year over 90% of the brides-to-be who came to this sale found their dream dress.

At the Event

Be nice—with all the excitement, shoppers have been known to get a little territorial and competitive. As our security manager once said to a TV reporter, “you don’t want to be walking down the aisle knowing you had to punch somebody out to get the dress.”

Be considerate—have your helpers put dresses you don’t want on the hangers and back on the racks. Think of how disappointed you’d be if you found your perfect wedding dress, but it had been trampled on and damaged.

Be fair–keep only the dresses you are seriously considering, and set the others free as soon as possible.

Remember, wedding gowns don’t always run true to size—look not only for your regular dress size, but try a size or two bigger as well. Even if a dress isn’t the perfect fit, at this price it may be worth the cost of alterations. An expert on gown cleaning and alterations will be on hand to advise you.

Try on whatever comes your way–sometimes a gown that isn’t what you pictured yourself wearing turns out to be “the one.”

Be decisive–it’s only a one-day sale and gowns are not returnable.

Have fun–if you find a dress, great. If not and you still have some time to look, go to Filene’s Basement for the city and date of the next sale.