My Wedding: Getting Ready

After a night of very little sleep, my Maid of Honor and I headed to the party suite to meet the rest of the girls.  There was a lot of us in the room: my three bridesmaids, my Mother-in-law, and my two neices. 

While we were getting ready, we watched Love, Actually and Steel Magnolias.
Before I knew it, both Sonia and Livia were ready to start on our hair and make-up.  While hanging around, I had the girls sign the guest book.  It’s a great idea to have your bridal party sign it before the wedding so that they have the time to write something meaningful.

There was a knock on the door, and it was the bellhop delivering flowers from my soon-to-be husband.  The entire room erupted in “ohh’s”

After a tasty lunch of Subway, it was my turn to get pretty.  Sonia and Livia do amazing work.

I’m the sort of girl that loves to get her make-up and her done.  But I was ready to go!  I’m putting on the beautiful diamond earrings that my Maid of Honor bought me(us) as our wedding present.

Then, we started to run late.  I act terrible when I am running late; I get totally stressed out. It’s quite obvious in the pictures.  It felt like it took an hour to get that dress on me!  My bridesmaids hooked, zipped, and buttoned.  

They also used a crochet hook to hook the buttons.

Finally, I grabbed my bouquet.  The bouquet was wrapped in Denton’s family hankerchief and tied with my  initial brooch (a gift a few years ago from my bridesmaid, Shena).

Livia, who is as petite as me, steps up to place my veil.  She did such a fantastic job!

Since Denton and I were meeting privately, the girls had to be ready about ten minutes after me. In this photo, my Maid of Honor is being helped by my Mother-in-law while her daughter is talking to my nieces.

No shoes!  Well, for a  bit anyway.  Since the girls were wearing 3″ heels, I told them not to put them on until they were walking out the door.  I think they they were happy to follow my advice as their feet were killing them later! 

I followed my own advice even though I was SO excited to wear these beauties!

7 thoughts on “My Wedding: Getting Ready

  1. ~M says:

    I think your hair piece is beautiful. I\’m looking for a barrette or clip or something to hold my heavy, thick, curly hair half up for the reception (during the ceremony, I\’ll have my veil). Do you have recommendations where to find this sort of \”hair jewelry\” in or around Chicago? Thanks so much!


  2. ~M says:

    Hi Honey Bee,While in Highland Park, visiting with my mom, I discovered that there are two stores that sell hair pieces: Francesca\’s and Indulge. I ended up finding \”strawberry hair clips\” (refers to the style of metal comb) that will be perfect with my half-up-half-down hair. Indulge is a Highland Park boutique that just opened earlier this August (I think that there may also be a Chicago location). Their entire store is filled with hair stuff. Here is Indulge\’s blog. The owner was really nice, generous with her time, and helpful!


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