DIY: Out of Town Gift Bag Welcome Packet

It’s always exciting to get a reader request. Reader M asked that I show the information included on the Welcome Packet/Letter in our Out of Town Gift Bags. As I mentioned earlier, the packet was 8 pages. Since it was layered, we had four different size pages.

Below, I have labeled each page number and each group number. The group number represents the different size pages.

It took some time, especially the map, but the guests loved it. Denton used Google Maps to create a saved map. Then, he used this link to make the map printable. Finally, he had a lot of work to do to get the numbers out and arranged appropriately for our template.

If you have any other questions, feel free to leave a comment or email me!

Page 1, Group A
Page 2, Group A
Page 2, Group B

Page 4, Group B

Page 5, Group C

Page 6, Group C

Page 7, Group C

Page 8, Group D

9 thoughts on “DIY: Out of Town Gift Bag Welcome Packet

  1. Anonymous says:

    Did you and your husband use Microsoft Word to create the welcome packets? How did you figure out the spacing/layout with all the different size pages? If you guys have a \”how-to\” on creating this awesome welcome note I would LOVE to see it! THANKS!


  2. Misse says:

    Hi Meg!Let me start off by saying that my husband did the whole thing. Here is what he wrote:• I started with two columns per page in MS Wood. After I was done with all of the text, I duplicated the columns so that each \”page\” in word had two identical columns, each with the same text. • Then, I changed the display in word to show two pages side by side. This gave me two pages, each with two columns, next to each other. I could then eye-ball the height enough to know that each page was where I wanted or not. • Unfortunately, any problems that arose then required me to make the same change twice, once for each column of text.


  3. ~M says:

    I\’m in the process of making my Welcome Packet and wanted to chime back in. First, I found a fabulous brochure template in Pages (part of Apple iWork, the Apple version of MS Office). I\’m not sure whether we\’re going to print in color or just b/w, so I was thrilled to find a b/w \”sketch\” of the Chicago skyline through Microsoft Office Online clipart (free!). I also added a few other fun pictures throughout for visual appeal…penguin bride and groom saying \”I do\” in b/w and a clipart of a couple under their chuppah (my fiancé loves penguins). I followed Misse\’s basic design of having a short welcome letter on my cover, a map on the back, and the right side where you first open the brochure is the wedding day schedule (that\’s where your eye goes first!). If you fold back the schedule so you get a normal sized piece of paper, you see the attractions: left side for our favorite Gold Coast restaurants, middle for museums, and right side for plays and tours. It\’s coming together very nicely and I wanted to say thanks so much, Misse, for all of your help and guidance!The hotel concierge offered to get us more maps and information that we will stick in the bags. Other items that will definitely be included are organic Honeycrisp apples (I bargained and it paid off), small packets of \”trek mix\” from Trader Joe\’s that includes dried cranberries (my fiancé\’s favorite!), cashews, and almonds), and Fiji water (we love squares) that we bought on sale at Whole Foods a few weeks ago (and got a 10% off case discount to boot!). I guess you could say that our bag is fall-themed…we love the fall. I probably will also include some junk food from Costco as well, and ordered black cloth bags. I also want to include the Word search puzzle. I was thinking that I might fold it up like a letter, stick it in a cranberry-colored envelope and label it \”Homework.\” 😛 After all, we were set up in our first year in college, almost 7 years ago, and everybody says that we\’re huge nerds! 🙂 Also, in our word search, we included a lot of words that are particular to Jewish weddings so this will help our guests, many who have never celebrated a Jewish wedding, start to be more familiar with the vocab. We also plan on posting most of the brochure online, since all but one of our 12 members of our bridal party will not be receiving a welcome bag (we only made them for those staying on one of our blocks). Of course, if anybody has any tips, please post (follow up comments are sent to me). Just about 13 days until the wedding…take care y\’all, and thank you so much for everything, Misse!


  4. Anonymous says:

    Awh, I recently moved from Chicago to Des Moines and while I adore Chicago, I am looking forward to doing something similar to this for our OOT guests (about 90% of the guests!) to help them explore our new home.Meanwhile, your packet has made me miss Chicago. Time for another visit! Best WishesMidwestElle @


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