My Wedding: The First Meeting

After Getting Ready, I was off to meet my Groom.

When I walked up to him, we both stared at each other. Neither of us wanted to embrace each other, we both just took it all in. I couldn’t believe how handsome he looked. The moment is best described as surreal.

Our first kiss of the day.

Denton is telling me that he is very anxious to see if I like my gift. He said that it took him months to find it!

See the little red logo in the corner? I saw it and screamed, VALENTINO!
I had a very good idea of what the gift might be.

My ultra cheesy smile is because I adore the red patent leather bow clutch that I have wanted for MONTHS!

Valentino and I share the same signature color, RED! If you aren’t a big fan of hand bags, the top loop of the bow goes through your wrist.

I actually gave Denton two gifts. My Aunt Sandy, who passed away in 1999, gave me an ivory tie clip back in 1994 when I was still 17 years old. She made me swear that I would only give it to my husband, never a boyfriend. I kept it for 14 years, waiting for this moment. It is the only part of the day where I really started to cry.

It’s not a good photo of the gift- but Denton’s reaction makes me smile. I gave him a very traditional wedding day gift, a watch, from Tiffany’s. Watches are given as it is a symbol of the time you will spend together.

For the pictures, I wanted to wear my ring. I was so excited to have it on my finger finally!

As I fixed his bow-tie, I learned that the guys had a lot of trouble with their real bow-ties! Thank goodness for You Tube. They watched a how to video about ten minutes before our first meeting.

Off to take photos!

One thought on “My Wedding: The First Meeting

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for sharing more pictures from your big day! I love the gifts you got eachother. All meaningful in their own ways.


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