Wedding of Jacey + Dan

When I first met Jacey and Dan, I could tell that they weren’t from Chicago. While both have Midwestern roots, they are 100% LA in their creativity and fun! Dan is a screenwriter while Jacey works in fashion. Therefore, it was a total pleasure for me to work with them!
In this first photo, Jacey chose to buck the tradition of bridal white shoes to wear her gorgeous patent leather red Marc Jacobs shoes. They were the first gift that Dan ever gave to her.

All photos by Matt Schademann from Schademann Studios! Thank you Matt for getting these photos to me. I love them.

The couple took a number of photos around the church,
but not the run of the mill at the alter type.
Making use of their surroundings:
Holy Family is across the street from a firehouse.

The Grand Piazza has a gorgeous spiral staircase into the entrance to the ballroom.

Taxi anyone?

The bride walking down the aisle

Stay tuned for all of the fabulous details tomorrow!

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