My Wedding: City Photos

After our private meeting, the rest of the Bridal Party met up with us to take photos around the city.

It took us quite a bit of time to decide where to go and how to get there. Since we didn’t want to exhaust ourselves or our bridal party, we choose three stops that were reasonably close by: the Chicago Theatre, the Bean, and the Chicago Board of Trade. We also planned to have people leave after each stop: the Ushers and Greeters would leave after the Chicago Theatre, the Bridal Party would leave after the Bean, and it would be just us for the Board of Trade photos.

I didn’t like most of my transpotation options: I am not a fan of trolleys, we are not hummer limo types, and I didn’t need a huge limo bus. We decided for the ultimate city experience– taxi cabs!

Then, I started to have bridal nightmares that I would get in a dirty cab and my dress would be ruined. So, I called LaSalle Limo for a town car. I have been using La Salle for all of my business trips for years. They upgraded me to a limo. While I was pleased, I really didn’t plan on taking one. It worked out in the end to be a bit more convenient.

The photos started right at the Allegro, right near the sign. We did this with our entire bridal party as well as the Ushers and Greeters, for a total of 12 people.

Next, we rode a short 5 minute drive to the Chicago Theatre for some iconic photos near the sign and some city shots.

It’s ironic but for the number of posed photos we took, my favorites tend to be the photojournalistic shots that Sally caught in mid-moment. While we were waiting for the guys to arrive, I held up my hand to show off my ring and said to my two nieces, “Come look!” At that point, no one had seen the ring but us. Sally really caught the emotions.

While we were waiting for the limo, my Maid of Honor, Nichole, picked something out of my eye. It doesn’t seem like much, but it is so Nichole to point out that I have a piece of dirt.

I also love the in-the-moment shot of my oldest niece carrying my train across State St. with the rest of the bridal party following.

At that point, we were going to have the Ushers and Greeters head back but the photographer asked for them to stay for one more unplanned location. She said that we should go somewhere really beautiful, like the Gardens at the Art Institute.

While the girls were taking photos, we started laughing at the guys. Sally was super quick and caught them in the moment with our parasols!

This is one of the funnier shots. I just love that Sally would be in the middle of taking some portraits and then turn around and take some candids.

As I mentioned earlier, it was the first time for anyone to see my ring. My best friend, who often has different taste than me, agreed- the ring is gorgeous!

The limo did work out in the end. I will warn you: if you are wearing a ballgown, you need two seats. One for you, one for the dress.

Waiting by the Art Institute of Chicago for the groomsmen.

The Greeters and Ushers took a cab back to the hotel leaving just us with the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen. I decided that we should walk to the next stop… much to the chagrin of my bridesmaids in their four inch heels.

Our fabulous shoes are in plain view. I love the red peaking out.

Next stop, the Bean! Since it is always full of people, we took photos from the side on the grass.

Once we finished, the bridal party minus my Maid of Honor headed back to the hotel. My dedicated Maid of Honor went with us to the Board of Trade so that she could help with my enourmous dress.

After 2 hours of taking photos, we were ready to head back to the hotel to relax and get ready before our ceremony.

Ask the Bee: Menus

My fiancé and I, with the help of my mother, have put so much effort into our menu (food-wise) since we’re having an entirely gluten-free kosher pescatarian event. Try saying that 3x fast! We are both food lovers and really enjoy cooking together so the food selection/offerings and quality has been one of our higher priorities.

My mom suggested that my fiancé, who has a wonderful sense of humor that is especially highlighted by his writing, write up a menu with an explanation about why we chose to have our gf kosher event…but I haven’t really seen many menus that would accommodate such an idea (ie, room for a description). If it matters, the wedding will be formal and the colors black and white. Any inspiration would be very helpful 🙂 Thanks!

Nothing pleases me more than seeing a personalized wedding! I don’t think a two sided menu is necessary. At the top of the menu, I would simply write,

Our menu is Gluten-free kosher pescetarian.

We carefully choose the dinner selections

based on our personal preferences.

We hope that you enjoy the meal!

Unfortunately, I don’t have a sample. If we were to take this menu below as a rough template/ idea. I would make it longer and more narrow, to the dimensions of 4.5″ by 10″. At the top of the menu, I would have a monogram (as seen below) or write your names. At the bottom, I would I would write the note. Since your fiancé is so much more clever than me, I am sure that he will be able to come up with more creative verbage.

I hope that helps!

Ask the Bee!

Right now, our blog has three types of posts:

  • Real Weddings — posts about Honey Bee Weddings brides
  • Events — bridal events and sales for Chicagoland brides
  • My Weddings — posts about my wedding planning

Since the posts about my wedding are coming to an end, I am planning on adding a new feature called Ask the Bee. I will answer as many questions as I can!

To submit a question, either email me at or submit a comment at the bottom of this post. If you have detailed questions, I would prefer an email so that I can follow-up with you as well as send files, if necessary!

Organization Madness

I was thrilled when I went to pick up my wedding photos. Until I saw how much stuff I was getting!

My package included a magazine , which is a sprial bound book with six images per page. Since I added four hours onto the package, I have over 11 photos. The photographer broke up the photos into three magazines. They are a great way to browse through the massive quantity of photos without having to look at each and every photo.

Every photo? Yup, my package included a 4×6 of every image as well as a Kolo box. Since I have so many photos, I had to go to Paper Source to buy a second box.

The problem with the photo box is that I don’t like people to touch the pictures. (I’m know, I’m a little OCD about fingerprints.) I have decided to be completely insane and put every photo of my 1,154 collection into a series of books. Yup, I told you, I’m insane.

I really want to do a red book like this but I’m not sure. Perhaps I should be a little bridal and go with white?

This project, along with ordering my wedding album, is on hold until the summer wedding season comes to an end. I’m overscheduled as it is! Besides, I think this screams The Perfect Winter Project.

Gay Weddings

I love Ellen so when I saw a picture of her and Portia on their wedding day, I was so excited and happy for them!

If you didn’t know it, there is an entire website aimed at Gay Weddings. I’m not sure how many of my readers are gay as I really don’t have a way to track any metrics. If there are any gay readers struggling with some unique wedding planning problems, I would love to hear from you!

Bridal Event: Bridal Open House

Bridal Open House at Morton’s

August 21st

Morton’s The Steakhouse

65 E. Wacker Pl.

RSVP at 312.201.0464

Planning a major event or celebration isn’t always easy, but Morton’s The Steakhouse is taking out the guesswork! Enjoy delicious Morton’s hors d’oeuvres, wine and Champagne at this complimentary event, while rubbing elbows with Chicago’s premier event planners and vendors. You will also be able to view Morton’s elegant private dining rooms, each designed in a different special occasion theme. Even if you’re planning an event outside of Chicago, top experts will be on hand to share the top trends in all types of celebration events.

Missing In Action

Sorry that I haven’t been around lately! Honey Bee Weddings is in the middle of their busiest month to date. Hurrah! The downside is that I have a little less free time to blog. The clincher is that some of my belongings were stolen including my wedding planning notebook that had all of my future blog post ideas.

:waves angry fist at thief:

We’ll be back soon!