Organization Madness

I was thrilled when I went to pick up my wedding photos. Until I saw how much stuff I was getting!

My package included a magazine , which is a sprial bound book with six images per page. Since I added four hours onto the package, I have over 11 photos. The photographer broke up the photos into three magazines. They are a great way to browse through the massive quantity of photos without having to look at each and every photo.

Every photo? Yup, my package included a 4×6 of every image as well as a Kolo box. Since I have so many photos, I had to go to Paper Source to buy a second box.

The problem with the photo box is that I don’t like people to touch the pictures. (I’m know, I’m a little OCD about fingerprints.) I have decided to be completely insane and put every photo of my 1,154 collection into a series of books. Yup, I told you, I’m insane.

I really want to do a red book like this but I’m not sure. Perhaps I should be a little bridal and go with white?

This project, along with ordering my wedding album, is on hold until the summer wedding season comes to an end. I’m overscheduled as it is! Besides, I think this screams The Perfect Winter Project.

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