Ask the Bee: Menus

My fiancé and I, with the help of my mother, have put so much effort into our menu (food-wise) since we’re having an entirely gluten-free kosher pescatarian event. Try saying that 3x fast! We are both food lovers and really enjoy cooking together so the food selection/offerings and quality has been one of our higher priorities.

My mom suggested that my fiancé, who has a wonderful sense of humor that is especially highlighted by his writing, write up a menu with an explanation about why we chose to have our gf kosher event…but I haven’t really seen many menus that would accommodate such an idea (ie, room for a description). If it matters, the wedding will be formal and the colors black and white. Any inspiration would be very helpful 🙂 Thanks!

Nothing pleases me more than seeing a personalized wedding! I don’t think a two sided menu is necessary. At the top of the menu, I would simply write,

Our menu is Gluten-free kosher pescetarian.

We carefully choose the dinner selections

based on our personal preferences.

We hope that you enjoy the meal!

Unfortunately, I don’t have a sample. If we were to take this menu below as a rough template/ idea. I would make it longer and more narrow, to the dimensions of 4.5″ by 10″. At the top of the menu, I would have a monogram (as seen below) or write your names. At the bottom, I would I would write the note. Since your fiancé is so much more clever than me, I am sure that he will be able to come up with more creative verbage.

I hope that helps!

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