Ask the Bee: Budget Friendly

I would love to see some suggestions for a budget friendly beautiful wedding. Us girls without $50,000 budgets also want to have a beautiful day and who better to give ideas than a wedding planner.
What is the easiest way to save money? Well, that is an easy question for me to answer- cut something. Now, the hard part comes, what do you want to cut?

If you are going to make a cut, it should be on something that comes lower on the priority list. Therefore, you and your fiance need to sit down and come up with the three most important details to you. The two of you should also come up with things that don’t mean that much to you. Awhile ago, I posted a list of things that I did not want.

I can’t tell you what to skip because I don’t know you or your fiance. However, I can give you a list of some ideas.

  • Videographer: If you want a video, then have one. If you aren’t dead set on it, skip it.
  • Centerpieces: Having a non-floral centerpiece is going to save you money. There are plenty of other beautiful options.
  • Save the Dates: Unless you are having a destination wedding, these are not only necessary, they are a total waste.
  • Bridal Shoes: Buy a metallic shoe that you can re-wear again. They are often cheaper than shoes aimed at brides.
  • Bridal Party: Large bridal parties require more money (personal flowers, transportation, bridal party gifts). While I wouldn’t recommend cutting siblings or best friends, do you really need to have your nine closest friends up at the alter?
  • Transportation: While it is necessary to provide transportation for your bridal party to the ceremony and reception site, it is not necessary to blow the budget. There are many more reasonable options out there than expensive trolleys and stretch Hummer limos. No one is going to remember the transportation.
  • Wedding Album: Buy the rights to your wedding photos and make your own album with one of the numerous online companies. I am actually doing this myself!

If you have a wedding related question, Ask the Bee.

One thought on “Ask the Bee: Budget Friendly

  1. Mango Gal says:

    I agree that there a lot of things you can skip on. I\’m planning on making my wedding album myself too. So far I\’ve been thinking of using, what company are you using?


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