Ask the Bee: Bridal Party Gifts

I was wondering if you have suggestions for bridesmaids gifts. I was just in a fabulous wedding as a bridesmaid – and got a monogramed tote bag, 2 fancy bubble baths, fuzzy socks, and nice flannel PJs from VS. My wedding is coming up soon and now I’m nervous that I don’t have enough of a gift for my 6 bridesmaids. We do have a bridesmaids’ luncheon planned (the above bride didn’t have one), are planning on treating them to hairdos with a stylist, and I purchased monogramed robes for them…any other ideas? I figured the robe will be especially nice while they’re getting their hair done 🙂

First off, don’t worry about keeping up.  Every bride has a different budget. There is no need to blow the budget.  If you do want to give something else, why not give the girls a gift that isn’t wedding related?  
I prefer personalized gifts that reflect each girl’s personality.  And by personalized, I do not mean the exact same gift for each gift with her monogram!  If you are close enough to ask a friend or family member to stand beside you at the alter, you probably know their tastes as well.  Why not give a gift to reflect her personality.  Or, another source of inspiration would be to give a gift to reflect your relationship.  
Since I don’t know your bridesmaids, I have some ideas based on my three very unique maids. Here they are:

business card case, for the bridesmaid that is practical.  We went to business school together so the business card case reflects our shared interest of networking!

xo necklace from etsy, for the bridesmaid that appreciates the homemade.  My sister-in-law loves unique and and petite jewelry. I think she’d adore this piece.

Heart Vase, for the bridesmaid that appreciates modern design but is a romantic at heart.  I think my best friend/ Maid of Honor would have loved this for her home.

If you have a wedding related question, Ask the Bee.

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