Must Take List

Have you heard about a must-take list?  It’s a list that many brides provide to their photographer of photos that they want shot on their wedding day.  If you are looking for a list, here is a great source.  

However, most photojournalists don’t use such a list.  They rather just shoot in the moment. (Besides, if you are paying a professional, they should know to take a photo of the cake cutting!)

Regardless of the photographer, it is important to provide them a list of important shots.  For example, my husband was wearing the first gift that I ever gave to him, cufflinks.  We both wanted to get a photo to remember that special detail.
It is really important to provide your photographer a list of the portraits you want taken.  This is easily one of the top ways that can make a wedding start to run behind schedule. I simply like a list like this:
  • Bride and Groom
  • Bride and Groom, Mother of the Bride (Liz) , Stepfather of the Bride (Brad)
  • Bride and Groom, Steve, Susan
  • Bride and Groom, Steve, Susan, Nick
Always list the name of the person.  Then, have the Best Man or Maid of Honor get people up there for the photos.  It is an easy task to delegate.

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