My Wedding: Before the Ceremony

After a few hours of taking photos around the city, we headed up to the suite to relax and freshen up before the ceremony.  We had the best time hanging out with our “VIPs”.  As I mentioned in my previous post, the bridal party come back in “waves” to the hotel during our photo session (first the ushers and the greeters, then the bridal party, then us).  By the time we arrived, the bridal party had already freshened up and were playing pool and having a few drinks.  Some of our family was there as well and they came to the suite to see us before the big day.   Our party suite allowed us to spend time with our closest friends and family on our wedding day.  
We both felt extremely lucky to have this extra opportunity to spend with them!
My sister-in-law from examines the detailing on my dress.

Since I was in such a rush to meet my fiance, I didn’t really get to see what I looked like all done up.  I finally had a few minutes to look at myself as a Bride.  It was overwhelming, but in a good way.

Another glass of champagne?  Yes, I will.

Denton takes a photo with his sister.  I’m glad that we took a few photos here– when I looked at the proofs, I realized that I wanted to take our family formals elsewhere.  
We moved them at the spur of the moment.

Cheers!  We were so relaxed now that we had taken all of the pictures. We were both very happy with our decision to see each other before the ceremony.

Two Bridesmaids on Bar Duty.

The ring getting lots of attention!

Actually, the pre-ceremony get togeher was so much fun that we had people getting people to leave!  At 6PM, our DOC sent the Ushers and Greeters to head down to greet the guests. Then slowly, the rest of the family left to make their way down to the ceremony.   Next, the groom and groomsmen left to take their place at the front of the room.  
Finally, it was just us girls left.  I had a special moment with my four best girls that won’t ever be duplicated.  It was a perfect moment on a perfect day!
My next post will be of the ceremony!

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