Ask the Bee: Menu Advice

I have a question for you. I’m working on the menu and I’m trying to get it structured lay out wise/format/wording etc. I’m kind of at odds with what I should do at the top. I have a graphics designer friend who will help.
Some of the things I’m thinking about adding:
1. the kind of wine served w/ dinner
2. tea and coffee service w/ dessert
I put it on there, but I’m wondering if I should make it different by adding the room # for the after party.
Thanks for your help 🙂

Here are my suggestions:
  • No need to spell out the wine unless it has some sort of special meaning.
  • I’d add the coffee and tea.
  • Do you have a monogram? If not, I would put your names in top with the date.  
  • If you can, I’d also make some of it in color.
  • I made less lines of text.
  • I played with the language a bit.


After talking with the Bride, she is also going to heat emboss parts of the menu to jazz it up.  
I was glad to help! Let me know if you have any other questions or need advice.

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