Between Boutique Cafe and Lounge

Month ago, I posted about my fabulous shower that was hosted by my Maid of Honor.   Everyone had a wonderful time and adored the food.  I was really excited about the venue and tried to spread the word.  
My friend Kelly was unable to attend the shower.  When she came in town this weekend, I took her to Between Boutique for Sunday brunch.  We all loved our food.  I was delighted to find out that the fabulous chef,  Radhika Desai is competing in this season’s Top Chef: New York, the forth season of the show.  I’m so excited for her!  If you are interested in her bio, I’ve included a link.
If you are looking to host a private event, I would highly recommend!

Deciding what to eat with all of the fabulous choices at Between Boutique

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