M+D: Our Ceremony Details

Call it an occupational hazard, but details are the favorite part of wedings planning.  Here are the details from my ceremony.
The Walnut Room set up for the ceremony.

Outside of the ballroom is the Music Room.  We had In Memory Candles set on my Mother-in-law’s beautiful silver platter.  There was a candle for everyone that we have lost.  
Additionally, we had the names of those that had passed listed in our program.

Our gorgeous thermography programs designed by Le Le Designs, inside my damask box.

Our guestbook on of the marble tables outside the Ballroom.  It was included in our engagement photo package from Kevin Weinstein.

We kept our bouquets in water before the ceremony.  
My bouquet included my “something old”, “something borrowed”, and “something blue”!

3 thoughts on “M+D: Our Ceremony Details

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