M+D: The Cocktail Hour

Post Ceremony, we were busy!  First, we wanted to have a few minutes alone. There is a small conference room that we snuck into without telling anyone where we went.  It was nice to be alone (even without the photographer)!
Escaping from there ceremony.

Then, there were family portraits.  Since we had to take photos with four set of families, our Day of Coordinator, Marilyn, got everyone upstairs to take the photos.  We had a quick and efficient system to get all of the photos taken and were able to get 20 family portraits taken under 12 minutes.
One of the many family portraits…

Afterward, I headed up stairs to get un-veiled and bustled.  The Catering Manager was kind enough to have hors d’oeuvres and champagne brought up.  It was a fun especially since there was only a half dozen of us.
Up to the Stardust Suite.

Denton pours us some champagne.

The veil is off. Thank goodness! It drove me crazy after a few hours.

This photo makes both of us laugh.
Denton is giving me a look like “yeah, you better love that ring” while I admiring it.

Being bustled by three of my ladies.

Finally, we joined the party!
It was so awesome to come downstairs and see everyone having a great time.

Since the room has a baby grand, we opted to hire a pianist to play during the cocktail hour.

To keep with the black and white theme, the escort cards had a damask border.

I’m totally happy that I bought the personalized napkins and matches from For Your Party! They were pricey but worth it.

Our Signature Drink, the Misselini.  I stole the drink tag idea from Martha Stewart.

The photobooth was packed during the cocktail hour.  

4 thoughts on “M+D: The Cocktail Hour

  1. Kate says:

    Beautiful photos! Everything looks fantastic! In your photo with you and your hubby exiting the ceremony…I see all the draping. At the Allegro, where did you hang the draping and do you have any other photos of it you care to share? Was it there the entire ceremony and reception?Thanks!!!!


  2. Misse says:

    Thank you!We had draping in two locations. First, in the Music room. Since the Music Room has an open floor plan to the rest of the lobby, we had a partition built to keep the cocktail hour private. I would highly recommend!Next, we had a wall of draping behind the band on the wall with all of the windows with the hideous drapes. I did this for a couple of reasons: I hated the drapes. I wanted the band to have a stage and to be the central focus of the room. Also, it was the wall where my gobo was shown. I\’ll be posting photos of the band in a few posts.


  3. Josh and Kate says:

    Thanks!I never thought of it for the cocktail hour, especially since we may be split between the lobby and the green room. Might have to consider it now..From what I read on the knot and other places, I think Im the only bride who doesnt mind about the drapes… I figure it will be dark enough during my ceremony and reception and it wont be the focal point either..


  4. Misse says:

    Although the coordinator at the Allegro suggested the Green Room for privacy, I didn\’t like the room lay-out or decor.After many complaints, the hotel changed the drapes. They are much better now! You lucked out.


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