Registery: Bloomingdale’s

We registered at three stores: Crate and BarrelBloomingdales, and Bed, Bath, and Beyond.   
Below is a our experiences at Bloomingdale’s.  Here is a link to our experience at Crate & Barrel.
This was the store that I was the MOST excited to register.  Hello, Bloomingdales?!  
My husband and I attended a morning registry event where they closed down the store for us. After listening to some demos, we were given some freebies as well as drinks and small brunch snacks.  Off with the gun we went.  

We spent a really long time here picking out our china and crystal to match the flatware I already owned.   We picked the china without a problem but we couldn’t agree on a crystal pattern to save our life.  The super wonderful sales associate helped set a table for us with various types of crystal to help us make up our minds.  I appreciated her help enough to write a thank you note to corporate headquarters.
Shortly after registering, our crystal was no longer available.  I was crushed but glad that their gift tracking system told me the news.  I was also thankful that the store told me when a gift had been purchased.  If I wanted to sneak a peak, I could find out who purchased what item before even getting the gift.  Technically, Bloomingdale’s gets an A+.
The bad news: Bloomingdale’s has a gift with registering program as well as a gift with registry completion program.  For example, if you register for $2,000 worth of china, the Manufacturer will send you a gift.  If the registry is completed, you can get a second gift.  Awesome, right?
Notsomuch.  I qualified for two gifts.  After 2 months, told that it takes time to get the gifts in the mail.  6 months after that, I was still gift-less.  When I called the second time, the sales associate told me that their hands were tied.  I told her that I would have to give the store a poor review (although I didn’t specify where).  She called me back two days later to say that the gifts were in the mail.
Vera Wang Thank You cards

Christofle Champagne Flutes

A few of my Favorite things from our registery:

Kate Spade Toasting Flutes
My husband hates glassware with a squared bottom.  Since I compromised with our every day china, I snuck these on the registry without him realizing it!  He noticed as we sat down for dinner.

Kate Spade Larabee Dot Cake Plate
The funny thing is that I hated Kate Spade for years.  But I am obsessed with polka dots!!

My goal is to move into a larger home so that I can one day put this frame out.

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