M+D: Our Head Table and the First Course

When we sat down after our bridal party introductions, I was so happy with our head table.  I’ve seen many head tables that have simple decor.  It just wasn’t my style.  I opted to line the head table with a dozen trio of vases with dyed water that had a floating candle as well as rose petals, the perfect stemware, and place cards.   The table was monochromatic scarlet red with silver accents.

Our gorgeous head table with the stemware that I obsessed over!

Since we were having a formal wedding, we had place cards as well as escort cards.  The calligraphy was done by Marilyn, my Day of Coordinator.

On the back of each chair for the bridesmaids and close family, we put flip flops on the back of the chairs.  My bridesmaids told me that it was better than the Tiffany jewelry.

Our toasting flutes.  I begged my husband for us to register for this crystal to compliment our china.  He doesn’t like the flat bottom style.  I snuck and added these to the registry.  When he saw them on the table, he was surprised but not upset.  The servers pouring our last minute addition, Iron Horse champagne.

The first course was served once the bridal party was seated.  Another nod to my Italian past was our selection of our first course.  We started our totally customized meal with a pasta course.  

3 thoughts on “M+D: Our Head Table and the First Course

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Missie! I love those flutes 🙂 My future MIL purchased them for us for our Engagement party. We have the matching cake servers and frame too. They look great!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Did you really sneak those onto the registry? I don\’t know if sneaking behind your future DH\’s back is the best way to start a marriage!


  3. Misse says:

    I did actually sneak them on the registry. I figured that if I compromised. If all of our crystal is going to be in his style, then I could at least have toasting flutes in mine!


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